What kind
are you?

Introducing the sporty new flagship of Honda’s
highly popular Jazz line-up.

Introducing the next generation of Honda’s
famous high-performance hatchback.


you’re on
top of

the world
When you’re on

top of the world

You love nature, so any climb will do.

You can carry whatever you need for your outdoor adventure with the Magic Seat System in the Jazz Sport. This allows you to adjust the seating configuration in a variety of ways, to suit whatever the shape or size of your cargo.

Only the most extreme heights interest you.

No matter how hectic the journey gets, the Type R offers you excellent seating comfort and support. This is thanks to its signature high-backed front sports seats, which are also the lightest Type R specification seats ever.

When you

want to
make a

When you want

to make a splash

You always look before you leap.

When you’re in a Jazz Sport the way is always clear, come night or day. This is made possible by LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights for improved visibility and safer driving. They also help to enhance its overall sporty look.

If there’s an unknown, you go headfirst.

With the Type R’s cutting-edge lighting illuminating the way, you’ll see things ahead much more clearly. Everything boasts LED technology, including the headlights, fog lights and Daytime Running Lights, for a bright start and end to any journey.


you've got
a grip

on things
When you’ve got a

grip on things

You like your thrills a bit more chilled.

With the Jazz Sport’s 16” wheels and brakes, you can take confidence in managing anything that comes your way. Along with the improved stopping power these provide, the larger wheels also add to the model’s sporty swagger.

You’re all about living on the edge.

With the Type R’s impressive 20” alloy wheels, you’ve always got a solid hold on things. Enlarged wheel arches and a wider rear track house the wheels, along with high performance Brembo brakes that let you push things to a whole new level.

When you

have the
world on

a string
When you have the

world on a string

You prefer having both feet on the ground.

Take to the wind while enjoying more control. The Jazz Sport CVT model features Step Shift technology that improves overall response when accelerating and gearshift paddles either side of the steering wheel.

If it’s got hang time, it’s worth your time.

A more effective use of power is what creates true exhilaration in the Type R’s ride. The 6-speed manual transmission boasts rev-match technology for peak performance in any gear, and a limited-slip differential significantly boosts traction while cornering.

When you're


breath taking
When you’re after

something breath taking

You don’t have to look far to find enjoyment.

It’s easy to catch the eye with a look that is as fresh as it is bold. The Jazz Sport’s entire styling exudes sportiness. Everything is a bold statement, from the aggressive front, to the three-strake diffuser at the rear, to the aero form features all around.

It’s about testing the depth of your nerve.

Exploring the limits of your capabilities is made all the more easy when you’ve got the right gear. The Type R puts everything a driver needs to know right in front of them with a special digital driver interface. This 7” colour TFT-LCD displays driving mode-specific illumination, gearshift indicator, boost pressure gauge, G-Meter and lap time recorder.


the wheels

in motion
When the wheels

are in motion

It’s easy when you have power in reserve.

Every journey is enjoyable when you’ve got more in the tank, for both power and economy. At the heart of the Jazz Sport is a more powerful direct injection engine with reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions. It’s also got the performance to match the looks. The new direct injection technology in this 1.5L iVTEC DOHC 16V petrol engine pushes out an impressive 97kw and155 Nm/4600 rpm.

Every journey should leave your heart racing.

If you want to get your blood pumping, then the Type R engine is the one to do it. Based on the same multi-award-winning 2.0L engine from previous generations, the latest incarnation has been optimised and tweaked even more, to deliver 228 kW @ 6500 r/min and 400 Nm @ 2500-4500 r/min.



the ride
When you’re

enjoying the ride

It’s more enjoyable to go with the flow.

There’s nothing better than letting something else do the hard work. The Jazz Sport comes with automatic cruise control, giving you stress-free, comfortable and relaxed long distance trips. Just flip the switch, sit back and enjoy the ride.

If the ride’s not wild, it’s worthless.

If it’s adrenalin you’re after, just choose your ride. The Type R’s 3-Mode Drive System allows you to switch between Comfort and Sport modes for everyday driving. Or select +R mode to level up the throttle, steering and dampers for a truly exhilarating driving experience.


up in

the air
When you’re up

in the air

You prefer more control over your decent.

It’s easier to enjoy yourself when you know you have a safety net. The Jazz Sport has a host of safety features including dual-stage, multiple-threshold front (SRS) and side curtain airbags, Vehicle Stability Assistance (VSA) to help retain control in an emergency, and Hill Start Assist for a safer start from an incline.

Terminal velocity is your cup of tea.

Whenever you feel the need for more of a rush, just flip a switch on the Type R’s console. Electronically adjustable damping lets you fine-tune the ride and handling for a sharper, more responsive experience.



When you’re

hanging around

You like it when things are effortless.

Find your sense of Zen with the smart keyless entry and push button start system on the Jazz Sport. It takes the effort out of coming and going, and is smart enough to even lock your car when you walk away from it.

The more freedom you feel the better.

The excitement of getting into a Type R can get the best of anyone, which is why there is no more fumbling for keys with the Smart Entry system. Along with push button start, you can keep your key in your pocket and go about the business of unleashing your racing pedigree.


taking in

the view
When you’re taking

in the view

You want to sit back and feel connected.

Your experience in the Jazz Sport is more exciting with everything at your fingertips. It has a 7” touchscreen, multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth® phone system, HDMI and iPod/USB connections. Add to that a rear-view camera that always lets you keep an eye on things.

You like doing everything on the fly.

When you’re in a Type R the thrill of the ride shouldn’t be interrupted, which is why everything is designed for seamless integration. Features like a Bluetooth® phone system, 7” touchscreen, HDMI and iPod/USB connection, Apple CarPlay compatibility and built-in SATNAV to name a few.

You’re a sporty star.

You’re an active Andy.

You’re an out-and-abouter.

You’re a go-go-getter.

You’re an active-ist.

You’re a weekend warrior.

You’re a Jazz Sport.

You are Jazz

With your love of an active lifestyle, this uncompromising family hatchback is a perfect fit. It is versatile enough to conform to whatever experience you have planned next and comfortable enough that you can’t wait to do more. If not everyone had realised how lively you really are, the dynamic styling of your Jazz Sport will make it crystal clear. So, climb in and get out there. The world is waiting.


You’re a daredevil.

You’re a speedster.

You’re a risk taker.

You’re a live wire.

You’re an edge pusher.

You’re a natural born thriller.

You’re a Type R.

You are Type R

You’re not afraid to take it to the limit. You want your pulse to race as much as your car does. Every time you climb into your Type R that’s exactly what will happen. There’s a reason it holds the record for the fastest lap time for a front-wheel drive car around the famous Nurburgring. Hard core, say no more. Now that’s a motto to live by.